Noteworthy Notes:
  • Affrilachian Tales: Folktales from the African-American Appalachian Tradition  You can also find Affrilachian Tales on!  And my second Parkhurst Brothers publication, Beyond the Briar Patch, is available, too!  Woo-hoo, y'all!
  • Both books won awards!  Affrilachian Tales received two awards, the 2013 Anne Izard Storytellers' Choice Award, and a 2013 Storytelling World Resource Award.  Beyond the Briar Patch has also received the 2015 Anne Izard Storytellers' Choice Award.  Wow!  I am feelin' good about all of that! Thank you to all who believe in what I do, and support my work.
  • Book #3 from Parkhurst Brothers!  Look for HOT WIND, BOILING RAIN: SCARY STORIES FOR STRONG HEARTS. Enjoy the stories.  Try the writing exercises in the back of the book.  Remember, this is an award-winning one that is not for the kiddies, or the faint of heart!
  • Book #4!!! BOO-TICKLE TALES:  NOT-SO-SCARY STORIES FOR AGES 4-9 by Lyn Ford and Sherry Norfolk is now available!!!
  • MY VIDEOS!!! Available thanks to the great folks who make the St. Louis Storytelling Festival such wonderful event, and the Columbus Dispatch.


  • I keep hearing that I'm on Sirius XM radio, but I never hear myself.  Thank you to BYU Radio and others for making this possible!

  • There's an article about me in the July 6, 2015 Columbus Dispatch!!!  With a video and slideshow!!!  Thank you, Ken Gordon, reporter extraordinaire.  Can't believe it!!!
  • LYN IS A CERTIFIED LAUGHTER YOGA* TEACHER! Go to my new Laughter Yoga page for more information.
  • Lyn is proud to be a part of the wonderful, award-winning story-download website Tales2Go.  Gather good stories for your young listener at this site:
  • Learn about the art and craft of storytelling!  Lyn's interview on breaking into storytelling isn't the only wonderful bit of information you'll find there (but it's a good place to start!)...
You'll meet some of the best and brightest storytellers in the wonderful interviews you find there:
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