"Once upon a time, 'bout time and a half ago..."
how does your story begin???

     Communication is storytelling at its universal level.  We all have stories to share, some true, some almost true, some purely fiction (about which my Pop-pops said, "If it ain't true, it should be").  Every story has truth in it; what is "real" is up to the discretion of the listener. That shouldn't stop you from sharing your truths.

In this year, make a point of sharing your stories.  Nobody else can tell them for you, unless you share them first!

Travelin' to Tell!
Coming up in no time:
  • SEPTEMBER 4 - 6:  Southern Ohio Storytelling Festival in Chillicothe with Suzi Whaples, Geraldine Buckley, Oba William King, and other great tellers! For more information, go to
And the terrifying tellers of Storytellers of Central Ohio will be back to tell some scary stories...I'm one of 'em!  Check the schedule!
September  19-­21,  2014  at  Lake  Doniphan  Retreat  Center  in  Kansas  City,  MO. Our  11th  Power  of  Words  Conference to  explore  how  we  can  use  our  words  —   written,    spoken  or  sung  —  to  make  community,  deepen  healing,  witness  one  another,  wake  ourselves   up,  and  foster  empowerment  and  transformation was a wonderful experience. Plans are in the works for the 2015 event.  Storytellers and other spoken-word artists are more than welcome! Scholarships  available. For information, stay tuned to  

It's official! My second collection of Affrilachian tales, BEYOND THE BRIAR PATCH, is coming out from Parkhurst Brothers, Inc. Publishers!  

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